About Us

“They say it’s the number of people I killed, I say it’s the principle.”

Aileen Wuornos

Casey and Monica are sisters. They both have a passion for, and work in the field of special education. They have both earned their Masters degrees in Education – Special Education and currently hold two special education teaching credentials in the state of California. Needless to say, they both also have a passion for true crime!

Casey (left) & Monica (right), 2016

These two passions (special education and true crime) came together in an idea that had been developing for months. These two wanted to dig into criminals and their crimes, but they wanted to explore a different aspect that many people may not consider. Casey and Monica wanted to explore criminals that have been diagnosed with a mental illness or disability so they can discuss the effects that these factors may have had on the criminals. Listen and explore the varying aspects and characteristics of a variety of criminals with Casey and Monica through their new podcast: Special Criminals.

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